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New Mobile Writing Setup

Around a year ago, I wrote about my mobile writing setup, where I equipped my iPad with other gear. I’ve recently updated that, so I thought I would share the new one with y’all. First of all, badness: I lost my Apple keyboard and Origami case back in April. That caused me to look for

Bad Phrases in Writing 3: Reflexive Pronouns

Today, let’s talk about a particular crime against English: the reflexive pronoun. If you aren’t sure what that means: The characters find themselves trapped. Each ally within 10 meters (including yourself) gain a bonus to Ninjaification. He was besides himself with anguish. Most of the time, this is just shitty faux-Tolkien[1] writing. Happens often in

My Mobile Writing Set-Up

I’ve been writing quite a bit more in the last couple weeks. As the days are grow shorter, I find myself wanting more time outside, to enjoy the sun[1] and nature. But I also have deadlines to deal with, and longhand writing takes time! What is a writer to do? Well, if you’re me, you