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The Next Vicious Crucible

Today, I want to talk with you about Josh Roby’s latest Kickstarter, the Vicious Crucible of Villa Argentate. He’s doing something with Kickstarter that’s a bit different than most: he treats it like the Ransom Model, looking to collect a certain amount in order to make the game free for all. He’s done that with

New Roby/Macklin Game: Vicious Crucible

Josh Roby & I are at it again. Pay close attention, my sons and daughters, for one is totally free and the other is being Kickstarted. These are the Vicious Crucible games, which Josh Roby explains both us in this sweet Kickstastic video: If you’re allergic to videos, here’s what’s up: The borderlands of the Verdigris

NC Podcasts: NeonCon & Narrative Control

Three different podcasts had me on over the last week, two of them taken at NeonCon. OgreCave GNU – NeonCon ’10 (Ryan Macklin/Mythender) Allan Sugarbaker and I talk about Mythender, which I ran for him and some other fine folks at NeonCon. We talk for around fifteen minutes about the game and my plans for