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The Unknown in Tim Horton’s

Shortly before Gen Con, I decided to ransom some blog posts. I’ve been feeling the urge to blog lately, and you know what they say: don’t do anything

Running Unknown Armies like Apocalypse World

I’ve got Unknown Armies on the brain right now, and several months ago I said I use concepts and methods from Apocalypse World for it. Shortly after I started playing AW, I clicked on how its gritty, hard-fought choices fell in line with how I loved UA. After some early attempts, I ditched my work

Fiasco Playset: Occult Strangeness

For a long time, I’ve talked about how I’d like to make an Unknown Armies-inspired Fiasco playset. A few months back, I got started on one I didn’t finish. Leonard Balsera gave me some good notes on it, and a couple friends have contributed elements to it, but I stalled out in March and haven’t

Countermancy: an Unknown Armies school of magick

As I said yesterday, I decided to post up the two articles I wrote in Pyramid Magazine years ago. This is from December 8, 2006. – Ryan Countermancy A School Of Magick for Unknown Armies You know the horror of the magick. It makes slaves of people, consumes them, and turns them into monsters that bring

Using UA Passions to Develop Depth

During the Moral Ambiguity in Gaming panel at NorWesCon, the charismatic Clinton J. Boomer — a fellow Unknown Armies fan — made a great point about creating characters of depth using some ideas from UA: specifically, the three passions. This came from a conversation about how everyone is the hero of their own internal story, and no one self-identifies

Unknown Armies Fillable Character Sheet

I decided to put up a place where I can post useful, downloadable stuff I make! The first thing I’m adding to it is an Unknown Armies 2/e