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Thoughts on Opportunities

A couple months ago, I told a dear friend the following. She said she has it on a post-it note on her wall now. So I thought maybe someone else in blogland might make use of it. Opportunities do not stop coming if you continue walking forward. No matter how slowly, forward is still forward.

Thoughts on Action Horror

I may have been a little unfair to Action Horror in my last couple posts. “May.” To that end, I want to talk a bit about action horror. Remember Doom? The original action horror video game[1]. I remember the first time I saw a cyberdemon. I was a little cocky taking out whatever was before

Thoughts on Mental Bandwidth

Back in 2009 and early 2010, I worked 60+ hour weeks. Between my day job, Dresden, IPR, etc., life was full. Too full. “Mental breakdowns happening like clockwork due to the constant pressure”-full. Add my rather rigorous convention schedule to that, and it was a recipe for unhappiness. The problem is that I tricked myself

Thoughts on Advice Text

Clearly, “Thoughts on…” is starting to be a thing I do. Best to keep it up. I was talking with Elizabeth Shoemaker recently, a quick chat about Blowback (which I mentioned previously that I’ll be editing). We were talking about hit points and why her game doesn’t have them, and the implications of what she

Thoughts on Character Creation Text

I’ve been working on the character creation text for Mythender lately, as my editor (the redoubtable Amanda Valentine, managing editor on The Dresden Files RPG) has given me the gift every writer needs: a deadline. So, I find myself going back through my old revisions and notes on the character creation, and have new opinions

Thinking about the job of editing

I’ve been thinking a bit about this, as I’ve been nose-to-the-grindstone on editing the third edition of Primetime Adventures. There’s a part of me that wants to encapsulate in a relatively small amount of text what I do as an editor. Talking about grammar and organization and stuff is all well and good, but I