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What Publishers Can Learn From Netflix/Qwikster

After hearing about the ending of Qwikster before it even began, and watching my Twitter feed on it, I had some thoughts. Gareth-Michael Skarka said it first, in a tweet: “Clever” cynics snarking about Netflix/Qwikster — Ability to change direction to course-correct quickly is an ASSET in a company, dumbass. He’s totally right. Being a

Thoughts On Picking a Title

Tracy Barnett is working on this project called Sand and Steam, a fantasy setting that’ll be triple-stated for Fate, Savage Worlds & Pathfinder in an interesting way. He’s taking a campaign setting, and sees three different sorts of games in there. So instead of just “here are my monsters three times,” each system is highlighting

Thoughts on Convention Game Blurbs

I recently submitted a few game blurbs to Celestion & Big Bad Con, and I thought that how I come up with blurbs might be useful. Especially because, for some reason, I always stall on this until the last possibly minute. So, codifying my thoughts will help me out, and I hope it helps you, too. Here are

On Thinking About Writing

I wrote a bit about this last year, when I talked about how Overthinking is Toxic[1]. Let’s revisit that, but with some more concreteness to it. My day job is as a software developer, and while I never talk about my work, I find parallels between software development processes & good writing processes often. Which

Thoughts on Implied Setting vs Stated Setting

Talking with a friend today while I’m home sick, the subject of setting transmission came up. One of the things I’ve noticed is that the games that feel like they have the most traction with people are the ones that work to imply their setting in other parts of the game, rather than get into

Thoughts on The Long Game

I’ve been talking about The Long Game for a bit now, but today I’m going to get into it. There are two “games” we can play as creative-types: The Short Game and The Long Game. And we always, always, always start out playing The Short Game. So I’ll start by talking about that. The Short