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The Work Behind This Just In…

Many of you are familiar with This Just In…From Gen Con, which is doing its crowdfunding campaign at the moment. For those who aren’t: This Just In…From Gen Con! is a special podcast produced live at Gen Con Indy. Hosted in 2012 by Rich Rogers and Alex, Steph and Ed from the Yellow-Menace Podcast, they work hard to capture

This Just In…From Gen Con! 2012

This Just In…From Gen Con! launched their crowdfunding campaign the same day I did, and they could use your help! I’m not involved this year, both because I’ll be pretty busy with my guest of honor duties and because, honestly, I’m really happy to have turned the show over to Rich Rogers. It’s really great

Funding This Just In…From Gen Con

This Just In…From Gen Con!, the podcast that Paul Tevis and I started back in 2008, is about to do its fourth season. I’ve given the show to the esteemed Daniel Perez and Rich Rogers, both fine podcasters and gentlemen of note. I’ve mentioned that the show takes a lot of work to do, which

Podcasts, Podcasts, Podcasts…

For someone who has supposedly retired from podcasting, I have been a bit prolific lately. But first, some congratulations: Canon Puncture hit episode 100! Woo! The guys over at CP are pretty awesome, and watching them grow into the show they’ve become over the years has been really neat. I wish them the best of

This Just In…From GenCon 2009 is live!

Hey! This Just In…From GenCon, the live podcast show that Paul Tevis & I did twice daily at GenCon last year, has just launched the first pre-GenCon episode for 2009! Check it out at: http://thisjustinfromgencon.com/ From the kick-off episode: Ryan kicks off this second year of This Just In with his co-host from last year,