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An Understanding of Context Channels

Today, I talk about the think I brought up last week in my post about minimalism vs baroque text design: context channels. A context channel is a collection of related information dictated in the same way. Rules are one context channel. Examples are another. Commentary sidebars are yet another. And fiction in games is one

Minimalism vs Baroque in Texts

Let’s talk about something that is is a hot button for people: how much text to put into a game. Nearly half of the conversations I either see or am a part of boil down to a difference of opinion on how much text to put into a game. There appears to be two camps:

Letter-Writing as Draft-Writing

Let’s say, hypothetically, that you’re making a game. And let’s call this game oh, I don’t know, something totally out of the air…Mythender. You’ve run this game at least 50 times at conventions and a bunch at home, and you’ve made characters over and over and over again. So you should know how to write

Your Mind is Late-War Germany

For the last several years, I’ve been thinking about text design in role-playing games. Thinking about clarity of information, about voice, about flow, about organization, about all that shit. This is why people keep asking me to edit their books — Fred Hicks has said that my superpower[1] is that I know exactly what the