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Talking GM Advice on Dungeon Master Guys

Last week, ENnie-nominated Dave the Game[1] interviewed ENnie-nominated Brennan Taylor and ENnie-nominated[2] me about one of my most very favorite probably-ENnie-nominated topics ever, convention GMing. It’s on the ENnie-nominated Dungeon Master Guys podcast, episode 11. In This Episode: Special guest Sarah Darkmagic assists in hosting duties Dave talks to Brennan Taylor and Ryan Macklin about running convention games NewbieDM talks to Daniel Perez about running

On Dice + Food + Lodging Episode 29

Last night, Josh Roby and I ended up spontaneously podcasting with the ever-charming Tim Rodriguez of the fine podcast Dice + Food + Lodging. Josh and I talked about playtesting — how we go about it, what we’re looking for, pitfalls we’ve dealt with, and lessons we’ve learned. The episode. It’s 25 minutes long. Josh

Concept to Shelf Episode 2

Chris Hanrahan & I have just released the second episode of our short podcast series on publishing RPGs & selling into retail, Concept to Shelf. In this episode, we talk about the math some, which we call “Not losing your shirt?” Check out the episode here. It runs just under 26 minutes. After letting the

Podcasts and Seasons

I’ve mentioned before that I think more podcasters take the idea of “seasons” as a silly, “let’s pretend we’re real media” way. Like, “ohh, look at us, we’re season 2! Aren’t we keen!” Not that I mind people having fun, playing around at something, whatever, but I feel like if that’s what someone thinks of

Podcasts, Podcasts, Podcasts…

For someone who has supposedly retired from podcasting, I have been a bit prolific lately. But first, some congratulations: Canon Puncture hit episode 100! Woo! The guys over at CP are pretty awesome, and watching them grow into the show they’ve become over the years has been really neat. I wish them the best of

Announcements! Podcasts, NeonCon, Dresden

Howdy! A lot going on here in my world. I’ve been buried under a pile of work, day-job and elsewise. But I’m taking a quick breather to tell y’all about stuff: Podcasts I’ve been on a few podcasts recently. Of course, there’s the most recent episode of Master Plan, where Monica Valentinelli and I talk