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Two Podcast Production Sins

Last week, I was on #zinechat talking about podcasting & new media. As these discussions tend to go, we talked about production. I was asked to go into further detail into two of those production topics by a reader. Sin #1: Cutting All The “Ums” I understand the impulse to do this. When you’re editing

Podcasts and Seasons

I’ve mentioned before that I think more podcasters take the idea of “seasons” as a silly, “let’s pretend we’re real media” way. Like, “ohh, look at us, we’re season 2! Aren’t we keen!” Not that I mind people having fun, playing around at something, whatever, but I feel like if that’s what someone thinks of

Round One on Podcast Production

(No, this is not an April Fool’s Day joke. Or it’s the world’s most boring one.) The other day, I was showing my business manager, Justin Smith, how I go about producing an episode of The Voice of the Revolution. We started talking at around 7pm as I did my pre-post-production (what I call it