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Norden World: What the Wise Women Have Taught You

With Rob Donoghue lately talking about Dungeon World (like his well-founded criticisms of Volley and thoughts on Discern Realities), my attention is turned back to my “Norden World”

Norden World: Alignment Becomes Nature

I mentioned in the initial Norden World notes that I was going to ditch alignment, because it didn’t fit. There were no small number of you who didn’t like that, so I mused on what alignment should mean in the harsh world where community is gone and you’ve just escaped utter doom (or, depending on

The Awesome of Campaign Coins

You know about Campaign Coins, right? Those sweet metal coins that are all the rage. Back in 2007 or 2008, I bought a set of them — not sure what I’d do with them, but they looked cool. Here, let me show you. (Oh, before I bury the lede, they’re having a cool rare giveaway

Initial “Norden World” Notes

Last Friday, I was was inspired by the snow on the ground in Seattle to run a Dungeon World game set in Mythender’s Mythic Norden. Four fantastic people joined me for an evening of sword and sorcery adventure in a land that truly hates them. And between the players and others who heard about the