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Mythender Nearing the Print Finishing Line

If all goes remotely according to plan, next week I’ll be shipping off for the proof of this bad boy: That’s the final art from Carlo Tartaglia. Also a huge thanks to Anna Kreider for art consultation, and Josh Roby & Adam Jury for help on how to present the text. There are four things

Pacific Mythender

It seems like everyone is getting all “OMG PACIFIC RIM LET ME SHOW YOU HOW I CAN HACK MY GAME FOR IT,” and why should I be left out of that fun? ;) (I’ve giving myself just 15 minutes to write this, totally stream-of-consciousness. After that, I hand the ball to you guys. I have

Mythender Advancement Rules

Shortly after Mythender came out, a fan & I were conversing about a potential advancement mechanic.[1] Here’s the idea that I’ve settled on for how advancement can work in Mythender. First of, like everything else in Mythender, advancement is about becoming more awesome at the itty-bitty cost of your humanity. After you End of God

The Walking Eye on Mythender

The crew from The Walking Eye played and reviewed Mythender, and then interviewed me about it! Mythender Actual Play Character creation The intro battle Ending Thor Ending one of their fallen comrades (Note: they got a bunch of the rules wrong in the earlier episodes, which I then chimed in on comments to correct.) Mythender

Challenge: Presidental Mythenders

If you follow me on the Twitters, you know there’s this artist whose stuff I love and has Mythender inspiration written all over it. My love started with this Ben Franklin vs Zeus one:   There are many other presidents. My favs among those: Andrew Jackson   FDR Teddy Roosevelt The Challenge Stat this up

End Cupid

Cupid is an asshole, and Mythenders will not abide Mythic assholes. This shitbag enslaves mortals in shackles of romance without regard for their true desires and free will. Fuck that noise. End Cupid! Of course, to End Cupid, you’ll need stats for him. Cupid Cupid is a more powerful lesser Myth, good for a middle battle