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Norden World: What the Wise Women Have Taught You

With Rob Donoghue lately talking about Dungeon World (like his well-founded criticisms of Volley and thoughts on Discern Realities), my attention is turned back to my “Norden World”

Building a Mythender Adventure

One of the things not in the Mythender book is exactly how I go about building an adventure. The structure I use is in the book, but not my thought process. (It’s one of the things that I didn’t realize wasn’t communicated in the book under after the print version was away.) Here’s a step-by-step process:

Mythender in Golarion

Mythender — my award-winning free RPG about deicide — is one year old today! To celebrate, John Compton (Pathfinder Society Organized Play developer) and I put together a 14-page PDF

Initial “Norden World” Notes

Last Friday, I was was inspired by the snow on the ground in Seattle to run a Dungeon World game set in Mythender’s Mythic Norden. Four fantastic people joined me for an evening of sword and sorcery adventure in a land that truly hates them. And between the players and others who heard about the

Mythender Half-Gens

First of all, you might want to know that, until tonight, I’m having a sale on Mythender’s print edition! It’s 20% off! A couple weeks back, Jeremiah Frye, Mythender superfan, asked me if there was a way to speed up character creation for a con game, like to make pre-gens. I’ve never had a pre-gen

Mythender Available in Print!

After months of folks asking for it to be in print, Mythender is finally available! This is possible because of DriveThruRPG’s print-on-demand program with Lightning Source, making a book with color interior feasible. The electronic version will always be free. Always. That’s part of my covenant with the folks who helped a friend clear her cancer bills via