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My Illness Isn’t Your Excuse

Inspired by far too many conversations in the last year, please don’t tell someone who’s ill or in recovery “I would hire you for my project, but I want you to concentrate on getting better.” That’s such a horribly cruel thing to say to someone. Sure, I recognize what’s trying to be emphasized is “get better,”

Three Ways Writers Screw Up Mental Health

I mentioned this at a Gen Con panel, and Mike Shel made some great additional comments that prompted this post. There are three big ways that writers fuck up when it comes to mental illnesses (and media in general, thus people in general). Schizophrenia doesn’t mean Dissociative Identity Disorder This is schizophrenia. This is dissociative

Hangout on Mental Health

I’m doing an Important (to me and hopefully others) Thing this coming weekend: I’m going to talk with Philippe-Antoine Menard about my struggle with mental health. This is something I’m passionate about, which anyone who knows me well or follows me quickly discovers. We did a panel at Gen Con, which…really, I should just have you

Taking a Few Days Off, November 2011

Folks, I’m gonna take a few days off from blogging. I want to hunker down and finish a project I’ve been working on, which I’ll share with y’all soon enough. And lately I haven’t been able to quite manage both a couple thousand words on projects and writing up a blog post. And I’m going