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Announcements! Podcasts, NeonCon, Dresden

Howdy! A lot going on here in my world. I’ve been buried under a pile of work, day-job and elsewise. But I’m taking a quick breather to tell y’all about stuff: Podcasts I’ve been on a few podcasts recently. Of course, there’s the most recent episode of Master Plan, where Monica Valentinelli and I talk

Finally solved the roleplaying issue in D&D 4/e

So, in Dragon 379, the 4/e team talks about Skill Powers — utility powers you may take if you’re trained in a particular skill, rather than just being wholly class-based. I think the idea is amazing, and I’m all for it, but I didn’t realize what it opened up until recently. I was talking with

Master Plan #43 is up

Master Plan #43: Interview with Crafty Games, Part 2 Right before heading off on a bi-coastal convention adventure, Ryan serves up the second half of the interview with Crafty Games. In this half, they talk about collaborating as a team and their main hurdles in revisiting their system & making Fantasy Craft & Mastercraft —

Master Plan #42 is up

Master Plan #42: Interview with Crafty Games, Part 1 Ryan starts 2009 off with the first of a two-part interview with Alex Flagg, Scott Gearin & Patrick Kapera from Crafty Games. They talk about their upcoming product, Fantasy Craft, and how they retooled their award-nominated Spycraft system both for streamlining the rules (for their new