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Separating Aptitude from Capability

A couple weeks ago, I riffed on an idea about using Fate Core for Mage: the Ascension. And based on a conversation with the ever-Enlightened Travis Stout, I’m revising the idea some. What I’m about to talk about will address a specific case, but the topic behind it is worth understanding in general. At the

Mage: the Coreing

Some of my alpha readers for the Technocracy books I’m working on are also Fate Core fans, and one in particular wants to run a Void Engineer game after reading the Void Engineer pre-edit. This morning in the shower, I mused on how to convert my Cortex+ Action hack of Mage: the Ascension into Fate

Convention Book: Progenitors is Live!

My friends, I have a badass announcement: Convention Book: Progenitors is live! This book wouldn’t have been possible without my amazing, talented writing staff: Lillian Cohen-Moore, David A Hill Jr, Josh Roby, and Jeremy Tidwell. Yesterday, I posted a little bit on my G+ about the book. I’ll build on that here, and tell you

The Technocratic Fringe

I have been watching the shit out of Fringe, since I found out it was on Amazon Video and seasons 1 – 4 are free for Prime members. (I haven’t seen season 5 of Fringe yet; I’ll reward myself after we’ve finished moving in and I’ve sent the next Technocracy project to editing with that.)

Convention Book: New World Order is live!

My friends, I have a badass announcement: Convention Book: New World Order is live! I’m exceedingly[1] jazzed about this book. Very proud. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have made an imprint on one of my childhood loves. Not that I’m done. We’re working on Progenitors now, and I have a document

The Technocratic Union v2.0

Some of you are already aware of this, because it was announced at the Onyx Path panels at Gen Con 2012 (audio, check their YouTube channel for video), but for those who don’t know: I’m the Mage: the Ascension Technocracy Convention developer. Of course, that’s a mouthful and comes with some questions, thus this post. Rich