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Convention Book: Void Engineers is Live!

Many of the people who are interested in Convention Book: Void Engineers have already heard at this point, since it came out on Friday and I had already set up my blog post for that day hours before it was launched. If you haven’t heard about it, here’s some stuff that might interest you: The

Tesseract, Social Cyberpunk

This has been a really cool week, as various stuff I’ve worked on has been released and published. Next up on that is something that I’m really proud of: the Tesseract, WY setting in Robin Laws’ Hillfolk. It was interesting to write for the Drama System, as what was important was ethos and not mechanics. Before I talk

Convention Book: Syndicate is Live!

Friends, do I have a hell of a deal for you. Convention Book: Syndicate is live! This book was hard to do — far harder than Progenitors — because the mandate of the line is counter to the way the Convention’s portrayed. They’re villains, ranging from Mr. Potter from It’s a Wonderful Life[1] to mafioso types.

Convention Book: Progenitors is Live!

My friends, I have a badass announcement: Convention Book: Progenitors is live! This book wouldn’t have been possible without my amazing, talented writing staff: Lillian Cohen-Moore, David A Hill Jr, Josh Roby, and Jeremy Tidwell. Yesterday, I posted a little bit on my G+ about the book. I’ll build on that here, and tell you

Convention Book: New World Order is live!

My friends, I have a badass announcement: Convention Book: New World Order is live! I’m exceedingly[1] jazzed about this book. Very proud. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have made an imprint on one of my childhood loves. Not that I’m done. We’re working on Progenitors now, and I have a document