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My LARPing Experiences (part 2)

Following from yesterday’s post about jeepform, today I’m going to talk about another LARP I love, Houses of the Blooded. Houses of the Blooded John Wick’s “anti-Vampire” game, Houses of the Blooded, has a fantastic LARP setup called Blood & Tears. I’ve played this multiple times and was a co-ST twice (once because I was killed

My LARPing experiences (part 1)

In the last few years, I’ve started experimenting with live-action roleplaying. In my youth, I looked down on it — particularly on Vampire LARPers, because that’s all I knew about LARP.[1] Today, I’ll talk about how this non-LARPer starter approaching LARPs. (Holy crap, this got super long. I’m going to split this into multiple posts

Making Sympathetic Antagonists

The other day I said on Twitter: My method of making antagonists: come up with a hurtful behavior & a target, then backfill the history until the antag becomes sympathetic. It met with some resistance, as people said they find players want one-dimensional villains. But then I said “antagonists” and not “villains.” There is a

Reward Systems and Paying Attention

Last week, I was having a Twitter conversation with the bane of my existence[1] Clyde Rhoer, sparked by this comment: What if your “good roleplaying” awards in a LARP were medallions that were given from one player to another like Fan Mail. I suggested that this was not particularly possible, and he asked me to