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Hacking Stress in Cortex Plus

[Edit 10-JAN-13: This is a rough draft of an article that’s in the Cortex Plus Hackers Guide (with some side notes). So, if you’re wondering what sort of cool stuff inside, here’s a sample!] In Cortex Plus Drama, Stress is how your characters deal with setbacks and defeat. It hits them in the moment when they

Cortex Plus and the Role of Dice Assembling

Cortex Plus is pure elegance in its simplicity, and is currently my go-to when I start thinking about game tinkering. Naturally, I got some heavy duty time in when I was on the Leverage team, but I honestly didn’t get the full awesome of the system until after playing Smallville, playing Leverage with other people,

Do You Capitalize Game Terms?

I’ve worked on a number of books at this point that take different approaches to game terms. As I start to write Mythender‘s text, people have noticed that I’m inconsistently capitalizing game terms. That’s because I still haven’t made up my mind about this. There are compelling reasons for various ways to go about it.