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The Next Vicious Crucible

Today, I want to talk with you about Josh Roby’s latest Kickstarter, the Vicious Crucible of Villa Argentate. He’s doing something with Kickstarter that’s a bit different than most: he treats it like the Ransom Model, looking to collect a certain amount in order to make the game free for all. He’s done that with

Void Vultures: a Kickass Space Crawl Game

Josh Roby and I have a new game out on Kickstarter: Void Vultures. Void Vultures is a pick-up-and-play science fiction roleplaying game in which you play “salvage experts” picking apart dangerous derelict space stations to keep your home township alive.  Play is quick, fun, and light; you can clear a derelict in an hour or two, or

On Dice + Food + Lodging Episode 29

Last night, Josh Roby and I ended up spontaneously podcasting with the ever-charming Tim Rodriguez of the fine podcast Dice + Food + Lodging. Josh and I talked about playtesting — how we go about it, what we’re looking for, pitfalls we’ve dealt with, and lessons we’ve learned. The episode. It’s 25 minutes long. Josh

Macklin-Roby Game Design Philosophy

Josh Roby & I have been tinkering with ideas for some time now, between exchanging notes about our work on the Smallville RPG he designed and the Leverage RPG I was editing, working on small-form games like our Vicious Crucible project (which sorely needs an update), and some other ambitious ideas we keep talking about

Eating Lunch

Here’s some wisdom from Josh Roby (@joshroby) that I was reminded of today. To paraphrase, as this was told to me in person a few weeks ago: I used to delay getting lunch. I would think about what I wanted for lunch, and hem & haw over the decision. I would wait a good couple