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My October Offerings: Angels, Ghosts & More

I love horror games. I’ve written a lot about horror games in the past. When it comes to games, this might well be my favorite month of the year.

5 Influential Horror RPGs

I love horror RPGs—in fact, I love them more than horror movies or novels. There’s something about the communal aspects of telling or feeling a horror story that hits me at the core. This Halloween, instead of talking about running or making horror games, I’ll tell you about some of my favorite influential horror games.

Horror in RPGs Seminar | PaizoCon 2013

The awesome Wes Schneider gathered a pretty cool array of folks at PaizoCon 2013 for a panel on horror in roleplaying games — Brandon Hodge, James Jacobs, and me. He took the audio from the 75-minute panel and made a video with visuals and notes — so it’s not just a boring video of four people

Countermancy: an Unknown Armies school of magick

As I said yesterday, I decided to post up the two articles I wrote in Pyramid Magazine years ago. This is from December 8, 2006. – Ryan Countermancy A School Of Magick for Unknown Armies You know the horror of the magick. It makes slaves of people, consumes them, and turns them into monsters that bring

A New Horror Damage Idea

Here’s another post for the May of the Dead blog carnival put on by the Going Last Gaming Podcast. I was recently thinking about how to handle damage in a horror game. Naturally, it depends on what sort of horror game we’re talking, and I’m overly fond of Delta Greens-style games (at least when they actually respect the “horror”

Don’t Roll For The Horror

As part of May of the Dead blog carnival put on by the Going Last Gaming Podcast, I’m going to wax about some horror thoughts. Long-time readers know that I loves me some horror gaming and have a lot of thoughts on it. Today, I want to dive into some thoughts on a hypothetical game system[1]: