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Critique: The Need for Context

A few weeks ago, I checked out Graham Walmsley’s new rules-light Lovecrafting horror game engine, Cthulhu Dark. I was immediately intrigued by it, but in reading it I did notice an issue that I’ve seen in many other texts — insufficient context that causes reader confusion. Today, I’ll talk about that, using Graham’s game (which

Critique: “Be” Advice

When I read advice text — player or GM advice in RPGs, blog post with advice, lectures, etc. — one thing routinely happens that the advice tells you to “be” something and doesn’t back up enough of what that means. To illustrate, I’m going to use Graham Walmsley’s Play Unsafe. Disclaimer: Yeah, three years ago

The Walmsley Principle

Yesterday I violated Hindmarch’s Law and commented on a Story-Games thread about Sexiness and Games. Apparently it’s a weird topic for some people because, well, fuck if I know. I don’t really care about that debate, because it’s entirely about a preference at the moment and not Bad Wrong Fun either way.[1] Graham Walmsley posted