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Talking GM Advice on Dungeon Master Guys

Last week, ENnie-nominated Dave the Game[1] interviewed ENnie-nominated Brennan Taylor and ENnie-nominated[2] me about one of my most very favorite probably-ENnie-nominated topics ever, convention GMing. It’s on the ENnie-nominated Dungeon Master Guys podcast, episode 11. In This Episode: Special guest Sarah Darkmagic assists in hosting duties Dave talks to Brennan Taylor and Ryan Macklin about running convention games NewbieDM talks to Daniel Perez about running

NPC Touchstones & Two months later…

I started running an Aethertide game over Skype, so this week will be all me talking about that. Today, I’ll talk about a couple GM tricks that I used during it to attempt group cohesion we did during the character creation/world creation/playing out the initial meeting. To recap the premise: Something simultaneously bombs the Technocracy

Panels at DunDraCon 2011!

[Edit: Thanks to the power of my accidental SEO fu, if you’re looking for the panels & seminars at DunDraCon, go here.] I’m pretty damned excited to announce some stuff I’ll be doing at DunDraCon 2011, February 18th-21st in San Ramon, CA. I’ll be hanging out with the redoubtable Jennifer Brozek, drinking at the hotel

GMs Seminar at Endgame, March 19th 2011

Mike Montesa, Brian Isikoff, Sean Nittner and I are putting together a really cool event at Endgame on March 19th, 2001: our first GMs Seminar! You could find out more on Mike’s blog post, or see what I’ve cut and pasted here! If you’ve been to my Bringing Your ‘A’ Game seminars in the past,

Say Things Badly

There’s something I tell people often when they start to get tripped up in a thought — be it playing a game, or trying to articulate a design, whatever: Say it badly now. Then we’ll work on saying it well. This comes from my own experiences where trying to state an idea well right away