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Technoir: the Push Hack

This post will require you to know two things: about Jeremy Keller’s RPG, Technoir, and about the 2009 film Push. If you don’t know either of these things, well, the Technoir Player’s Guide is a free download and Push is available on the Internet, I’m sure. Check both out. Also: potential spoilers. At JoshCon, a

More on the Dungeon World XP Hack

This past weekend, I was at JoshCon, the birthday house con run by my good friend Josh Rensch. It was an exciting, grand ol’ time, where we played games. The games I played all got hacked up, including Technoir & Dungeon World. I’ll blog later about hacking Technoir, but some folks expressed interested in what

Hacking Damage in Dungeon World

Writing about Dungeon World in my 2011 round-up post made me think more about it. And if you listen to today’s Podge Cast episode where David Pinilla & I talk about hacking games, you’ll hear me spout forth love for Dungeon World. Oh, that reminds me… Relevant Annoucements I talk about hacking games on the

Hacking Stress in Cortex Plus

[Edit 10-JAN-13: This is a rough draft of an article that’s in the Cortex Plus Hackers Guide (with some side notes). So, if you’re wondering what sort of cool stuff inside, here’s a sample!] In Cortex Plus Drama, Stress is how your characters deal with setbacks and defeat. It hits them in the moment when they

Interview about Drifting Games

Eddy Webb, John Wick and I were on The Walking Eye podcast for one of their round table discussions. Kevin Weiser of said show wanted to talk with us about “drifting the rules of role-playing games.” From their site: Kevin sits down with Ryan Macklin, John Wick, and Eddy Webb to discuss the pros and

Initial Concept: A Martial/Arcane Weapon-based Striker

So, after last night’s D&D 4/e game — the end of the campaign — I was playing around with some thoughts about a new class. I should warn you, this post will be all stream-of-consciousness. (Yeah, I’m tinkering again. And I’ll cover how tinkering is really procrastination in a future Doing The Work. Still, I