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Running Unknown Armies like Apocalypse World

I’ve got Unknown Armies on the brain right now, and several months ago I said I use concepts and methods from Apocalypse World for it. Shortly after I started playing AW, I clicked on how its gritty, hard-fought choices fell in line with how I loved UA. After some early attempts, I ditched my work

Omega: Mass Effect with Apocalypse World

I want to tell you about a campaign I want to play in. Not run, play. It’s an Apocalypse World game set in the Mass Effect universe, but it’s

A Principle for Fate Conversions

For the last few…well, since well before Gen Con, I’ve been working on some Fate license conversion, notably the Achtung! Cthulhu Fate Core version. It’s caused me to cement ideas that I’ve had for a long time about converting to Fate, but haven’t articulated until recently. My main (not sole) principle on converting to Fate is

Pacific Mythender

It seems like everyone is getting all “OMG PACIFIC RIM LET ME SHOW YOU HOW I CAN HACK MY GAME FOR IT,” and why should I be left out of that fun? ;) (I’ve giving myself just 15 minutes to write this, totally stream-of-consciousness. After that, I hand the ball to you guys. I have

Resistance: a Grey Ranks Hack

There are these two things that I love that, for a long time now, I’ve wanted to smash together: Grey Ranks and the Terminator resistance war. I got to play Grey Ranks at Dreamation 2009 with Jason Morningstar facilitating it. That single convention session cemented itself as one of the strongest emotional moments I’ve had in

Technoir: the Push Hack

This post will require you to know two things: about Jeremy Keller’s RPG, Technoir, and about the 2009 film Push. If you don’t know either of these things, well, the Technoir Player’s Guide is a free download and Push is available on the Internet, I’m sure. Check both out. Also: potential spoilers. At JoshCon, a