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Macklin-Roby Game Design Philosophy

Josh Roby & I have been tinkering with ideas for some time now, between exchanging notes about our work on the Smallville RPG he designed and the Leverage RPG I was editing, working on small-form games like our Vicious Crucible project (which sorely needs an update), and some other ambitious ideas we keep talking about

Stockholm Syndrome in Game Design

I’m loving Apocalypse World right now. I should just get that out of the way. I’ve played it a few times, sadly just as one-shots or really short games. I’ve run it once, as a con game. And I’m even now starting to make notes for a hack, where I marry AW’s play style with

Rolling What You Risk

[Yesterday, Josh Rensch and I were talking about this idea. He wants me to expand on it, and I figured it’s blog material.] Don’t Rest Your Head was one of those games that blew my mind. Anyone who’s known me for any length of time lately knows this. Fred & I have geeked about its

Talks at Neoncon’s GamesU

The two talks that I did at Neoncon‘s GamesU are available for your viewing pleasure!

A Good Question

In my previous post, Marhault asked:

Howcome they get charged +3, +2, +1 and not +1, +2, +3? The latter would seem to incent the player to hold off for longer when charging. Is that not desirable in this case?
That is, in fact, a fantastic question. Read more

Dealing with Returning to the Drawing Board

People who have playtested Mythender will be familiar with the first part of this post. When I came up with the “stat subsystem” for Mythender, I was reacting the the concept of a “dump stat.”  I liked the idea of quantification & relative competence (and still do), and wanted to avoid a situation akin to