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Redefining Success with Style

Doing conversion work with Fate has really opened my eyes to the myriad of ways in which it works differently from other adventure games. Lately, my thoughts have turned to Fate’s version of a critical success: success with style. One of the criticisms against Fate is that you can buy your way into success, which

The Multitude of Zones, Part 1

Zones are one of the more arcane elements in Fate. It’s a tool we use for many different things, but we don’t really talk much about what it

One Rethinking of the Resources Skill

I’ll let you in on a non-secret: I’m not satisfied with the Resources skill in Fate Core. I get what it’s there for, and I get out to

Decoupling Aspects from Phases

In Fate Core, character creation and aspects are meant to be a module you swap out for specific settings. But in reality, we didn’t really give a lot of space for that. The aspect dynamic in Core is: The core notion of the character’s role, and make an aspect Something interesting that makes the character’s

Fate Boosts Revisited

A post in the Fate G+ community turned into a lengthy discussion between Leonard Balsera and I about the nature of Fate boosts. There’s a number of vague and somewhat contradictory issues in the language around that rule, which apparently leads to people either being confused or arguing about how it works. And it turns

Decoupling Aspects from Phases

This is one of many ideas I wish I had back when we were working on Fate Core. Alas, it often takes publishing a game and seeing it in the wider world for such ideas to occur. Nature of the beast. In Spirit of the Century, there were five phases — who you were before