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Emerging Threats Unit: Basic Action Mechanics

I mentioned a few days ago on Twitter that I have a goal to, for the first part of 2014, write every couple weeks something about the Emerging Threats Unit, my action-investigation horror RPG. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the quick blurb is: Ryan throws Delta Green, Unknown Armies, Pandemic, Fringe,

Don’t Roll For The Horror

As part of May of the Dead blog carnival put on by the Going Last Gaming Podcast, I’m going to wax about some horror thoughts. Long-time readers know that I loves me some horror gaming and have a lot of thoughts on it. Today, I want to dive into some thoughts on a hypothetical game system[1]:

Typed Aspects & Free Tagging

Another Emerging Threats Unit post[1], relating to Research Aspects. Diaspora[2] introduced the idea of scopes in aspects, at least with some meaning. You have Character aspects, Scene aspects, Planet aspects, etc. That’s not new, but what was is the idea that you can only invoke one aspect from each scope. I asked Brad Murray about

Research Aspects

As promised, I’m talking about Research Aspects. Or, really, Research Assessments. I’ve now run Emerging Threats Unit twice, and the second time I solidified some thoughts about how research works in this game, specifically field research. The opening for both games so far has been finding the leg of a first-line responder chewed up, and

Emerging Threats Unit – a Fate Horror game skeleton

Last night, I ran an action horror game. It’s a thing I do: if I talk about how I hate something, I start wondering why, and try to come into contact with it. I proposed running a game for some friends, and giving the timing, it was just billed as a “spooky” game. I decided