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A Dungeon World XP Experiment

At Big Bad Con, I was hanging out with the LA Quartet — Andrew Linstrom, Colin Jessup, Hamish Cameron, Morgan Ellis — and we were about to play a wacky little hack of Dungeon World run by Colin. We’ve been talking off and on, in person and online, about the XP issue with Dungeon World.

Difference Between Keys & Highlighted Stats

Some discussion on my post yesterday about Dungeon World naturally went to talking about the advancement system. One of the proposed ideas on Story-Games is to use Keys from The Shadow of Yesterday. And as I read these ideas, I hear a discordant note. This post is my attempt to talk out my own thoughts,

My Dungeon World Experience at NBP8

Dungeon World might be my new favorite pick-up game. This post is mostly me geeking about it[1], followed by some thoughts on the system. (I tweeted a bit ago that it’s got the best writing I’ve seen out of indieland since Chronica Feudalis & Fiasco. And I’ve been looking forward to playing it since I

Dungeon World at Gen Con 2011

If you’re going to Gen Con, there’s a game I’d like to to check out. It’s called Dungeon World, by indie publisher Sage Kobold Productions — Sage LaTorra & Adam Koebel. After a year of PDFs and incremental releases, Sage Kobold Productions will proudly have the Dungeon World Basic Game on sale at GenCon through