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Norden World: What the Wise Women Have Taught You

With Rob Donoghue lately talking about Dungeon World (like his well-founded criticisms of Volley and thoughts on Discern Realities), my attention is turned back to my “Norden World”

Psychopaths & Phylacteries as a DW hack?

I’ve been toying with Psychopaths & Phylacteries off and on over the last few months. I’ve been happy with some of the character creation ideas, but not really with the overall engine. I realized that because for the social footprint I want P&P to slot into, I like Dungeon World’s engine. So, for the moment,

Antagonist Bonds and Toxicity in Dungeon World

I was reading over some of the changes to Dungeon World sheets last night, and I came to a weird conclusion: Dungeon World doesn’t want players like me. That’s totally fair. So I’ll talk about that a bit. (And this is going to get ranty, which is probably best explained in the footnote.) [Edit: The comments

Cheating on Dungeon World Bonds

I half-like and half-hate Bonds in Dungeon World. Which is a bit funny, I guess, as I stole those for Mythender. Here’s how Bonds work in Dungeon World: once you have all the characters, you fill in some statements on the sheet about your relationship or history with other characters. For the Fighter, these are:

More on the Dungeon World XP Hack

This past weekend, I was at JoshCon, the birthday house con run by my good friend Josh Rensch. It was an exciting, grand ol’ time, where we played games. The games I played all got hacked up, including Technoir & Dungeon World. I’ll blog later about hacking Technoir, but some folks expressed interested in what

Hacking Damage in Dungeon World

Writing about Dungeon World in my 2011 round-up post made me think more about it. And if you listen to today’s Podge Cast episode where David Pinilla & I talk about hacking games, you’ll hear me spout forth love for Dungeon World. Oh, that reminds me… Relevant Annoucements I talk about hacking games on the