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Tackling Project Indecision

I was asked this question on Twitter yesterday: I gotta ask, have you ever had so many projects going on, you didn’t know which one to do next? Hah, man, yeah. All the time. Freelancing taught me a rule: Just Start Something. But that’s easy to say. Maybe you have four ideas, all of them

Sometimes Your Game Will Be Meh

I caught a Twitter exchange this morning between Sage La Torra & Jonathan Walton that made me think about my own early experiences. They were talking about dealing with feedback and worrying that their games aren’t good enough. Here’s the thing: They never will be. Seriously. I look back at games I’ve worked on, some

Overthinking is Toxic

(I posted on Twitter yesterday that this would be called “Overthinking is Masturbation”, and it is, but I had further thoughts this morning. Heh.) One of my many flaws is that I procrastinate in the form of “thinking about what I need to do.” I like to take long walks and muse about shit: story