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Finally solved the roleplaying issue in D&D 4/e

So, in Dragon 379, the 4/e team talks about Skill Powers — utility powers you may take if you’re trained in a particular skill, rather than just being wholly class-based. I think the idea is amazing, and I’m all for it, but I didn’t realize what it opened up until recently. I was talking with

Initial Concept: A Martial/Arcane Weapon-based Striker

So, after last night’s D&D 4/e game — the end of the campaign — I was playing around with some thoughts about a new class. I should warn you, this post will be all stream-of-consciousness. (Yeah, I’m tinkering again. And I’ll cover how tinkering is really procrastination in a future Doing The Work. Still, I

A Montage hack for 4/e

In my D&D 4/e game, two of my three (yes, I only have three!) players are leaving in September. When I heard this, I told them that I’d like to see what paragon is like, as I’ve only seen lower-level Heroic. They were level 2, so we were going to level 11. We were also