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ENnies 2011 Nominations

The thing about being on the West Coast and not waking up at the crack of dawn is that you don’t have to wait long to find out certain news, including the ENnie Awards nominations. The Dresden Files RPG has been nominated in six categories, and Happy Birthday, Robot! in four. Friends of the Hat

How About Those Origins Awards…

I’m going to be more rambly and self-indulgent today, with a touch of sentiment, because I want to talk about Dresden’s Origins Awards. Or, rather, I want to vocally process said awards. If you’ve been following the RPG sphere, you’ve heard by now that the Dresden Files RPG won the Origins Award for Best RPG

Origins Award 2011 Nominations

The list of nominees for this year’s Origins Awards are up, and The Dresden Files RPG is among them (for best roleplaying game & best roleplaying supplement). I’m honored to be in such august company, so I want to take a moment and talk about some of that company — at least, those games I’ve