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My NeonCon Panels

Hey! NeonCon starts tomorrow! I’ll be there! Loads of my friends will be at NeonCon. I’m looking forward to it. If you’re going, you might have noticed how many panel & seminar tracks there are for CreativeU. I’ll be doing two, but I encourage you to look at the whole damned list. It’s filled with

RinCon 10

Hey! So, I one of the guests at the upcoming RinCon in Tucson, AZ[1] from October 8-10. I am doing stuffs! If you’re going, these might be of interest to you: Friday 6p-or-whenever: Macklin-Tevis Mindmeld Paul Tevis and Ryan Macklin want to talk about something, but we also want to have beer. So we’re going

Now I mourn the passing of another Gen Con…

Another Gen Con has passed, and now we ring in the new gaming year the way we ring in the new true year — by talking about antics we participated in and antics we missed during the New Year’s Party that is Gen Con. The lovely and badass Jen Dixon of The Walking Eye Podcast

Talks at Neoncon’s GamesU

The two talks that I did at Neoncon‘s GamesU are available for your viewing pleasure!

Announcements! Podcasts, NeonCon, Dresden

Howdy! A lot going on here in my world. I’ve been buried under a pile of work, day-job and elsewise. But I’m taking a quick breather to tell y’all about stuff: Podcasts I’ve been on a few podcasts recently. Of course, there’s the most recent episode of Master Plan, where Monica Valentinelli and I talk

Thoughts about the future of Dreamation

Context:  Vinny speaking at the Indie Roundtable at Dreamation and the various responses (initial post on Fred’s journal) The thought I had on Sunday night can be summarized as:  Provided the extra work is tolerated, some of Vinny’s concerns could be potentially solved with the enforcement of player-hour requirements for free GM badges. So, when