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Audience Participation: Con GM Problems

Hey! So, in a new segment I’m calling “Audience Participation,” I will ask you guys for some input! Here goes. Let’s assume, hypothetically, that I’m working on a book with some really cool people about being a convention GM. Yes, hypothetically. And we’ll assume that you’re the target audience for this book. With all that

The Seven Layers of a Convention Game

I have been chewing on this for some time now. I’m not sure how useful of a model it is for practical purposes, but it has helped me frame advice to others. I see seven different layers with convention games, each with their own issues, ideas, patterns and goals. Pre-game Preparation Introductions & Initial Rapport

The Twin Masters of Con GMing

(This is the start of a series that I’m going to try on Wednesdays — at least for the next few months — where I talk a bit about one of my deep passions, convention GMing.) There are two broad reasons that people go to convention games: for an experience and to see how a