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The Noise Reset

Here’s a convention GM trick I learned from the inestimable Carl Rigney: the noise reset. This is useful when you’re in a crowded room with multiple games going on around you, because in those situations you have that thing happen where everyone slowly increases the volume of their voices in order to be heard. It’s a

Thoughts on Convention Game Blurbs

I recently submitted a few game blurbs to Celestion & Big Bad Con, and I thought that how I come up with blurbs might be useful. Especially because, for some reason, I always stall on this until the last possibly minute. So, codifying my thoughts will help me out, and I hope it helps you, too. Here are

Audience Participation: Your Convention Kit

Hey gang! It’s time for another post about one of my favorite topics: convention GMing! And this is an audience participation post. Talk in the comments about what you bring with you to conventions. Here’s what I try to remember to bring, related to gaming: Pencils Index cards (I go through A LOT of index

Notes on the Seven Layer Convention Burrito

A bit ago, I wrote about the Seven Layers of a Convention Game, or what I’ve come to call the Seven Layer Convention Burrito[1]: Pre-game Preparation Introductions & Initial Rapport During-game Preparation & Context Setting Early Game Mid Game Late Game Exit I’ve been asked by some folks to expound on this, and normally I’m

Audience Participation: Con GM Problems

Hey! So, in a new segment I’m calling “Audience Participation,” I will ask you guys for some input! Here goes. Let’s assume, hypothetically, that I’m working on a book with some really cool people about being a convention GM. Yes, hypothetically. And we’ll assume that you’re the target audience for this book. With all that

The Seven Layers of a Convention Game

I have been chewing on this for some time now. I’m not sure how useful of a model it is for practical purposes, but it has helped me frame advice to others. I see seven different layers with convention games, each with their own issues, ideas, patterns and goals. Pre-game Preparation Introductions & Initial Rapport