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Mutant Healing Aspect

I have geeked about this in person for a bit, but I don’t think I have on my blog yet. One of the reasons I like Fate and other games that have Aspect-like things (including all those games that have lifted Aspects whole-hog) is because it lets story logic happen naturally in a game. And

Typed Aspects & Free Tagging

Another Emerging Threats Unit post[1], relating to Research Aspects. Diaspora[2] introduced the idea of scopes in aspects, at least with some meaning. You have Character aspects, Scene aspects, Planet aspects, etc. That’s not new, but what was is the idea that you can only invoke one aspect from each scope. I asked Brad Murray about

Research Aspects

As promised, I’m talking about Research Aspects. Or, really, Research Assessments. I’ve now run Emerging Threats Unit twice, and the second time I solidified some thoughts about how research works in this game, specifically field research. The opening for both games so far has been finding the leg of a first-line responder chewed up, and