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Decoupling Aspects from Phases

This is one of many ideas I wish I had back when we were working on Fate Core. Alas, it often takes publishing a game and seeing it in the wider world for such ideas to occur. Nature of the beast. In Spirit of the Century, there were five phases — who you were before

Cover Image Aspects

Fate’s been able to handle aspects for campaign theme, mood, setting tropes, all that jazz since aspects were created. We handle some of the with Dresden’s City Creation, with the Themes and Threats of the city and locations in it, but it can go farther. A good friend of mine, Morgan Ellis, pushes the envelope

A New Look at Rating Aspects

Back in Fate 2, aspects were rated. That was ditched in Fate 3, to good measure. Making aspects mechanically equal allows them to be situationally divergent. (Which is to say: they’re an example of a good method of Use Anywhere Stats.) But lately, I’ve been feeling like there should be some sense of rating, to

Dark Side Aspects & Fate Points

I love the Dark Side in games, but usually games don’t handle that well. The rules make it too rigid and predictable. (Since Mythender is built around a giant Dark Side mechanic of its own, this is something that’s been on my mind for years.) I’ve played in Fate games where I’ve messed around with

Invoking Aspects for Skill Substitution

I can’t remember how long ago or the context where this came up[1], but there’s a neat Fate trick I stumbled upon a bit ago. If you’re a Fate junkie, I recommend you first take a look at Lenny’s post on the Fate RPG site about trappings & how they relate to skills and stunts.

Internal vs World Compels

Remember last week’s post on Mutant Healing Aspects?[1] And Brad Murray’s follow-up? It triggered some more thoughts regarding compels in Fate, and the difference between an “internal” compel and a “world” compel. Let’s take a fun example: Renowned Rakehell. It’s nice and alliterative. Also, it’s totally Bond. Internal Compels An internal compel is one where