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Using Psychogeography in Fate

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a fan of Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff, and that frequently I’ll get ideas as I’m listening to episodes¬†and make notes to

Aspects vs. Information

Noodling over the Discover action yesterday lead to people making comments about how all information takes the form of aspects. Today seems like a good day to attempt

Decoupling Aspects from Phases

In Fate Core, character creation and aspects are meant to be a module you swap out for specific settings. But in reality, we didn’t really give a lot of space for that. The aspect dynamic in Core is: The core notion of the character’s role, and make an aspect Something interesting that makes the character’s

Decoupling Aspects from Phases

This is one of many ideas I wish I had back when we were working on Fate Core. Alas, it often takes publishing a game and seeing it in the wider world for such ideas to occur. Nature of the beast. In Spirit of the Century, there were five phases — who you were before

Cover Image Aspects

Fate’s been able to handle aspects for campaign theme, mood, setting tropes, all that jazz since aspects were created. We handle some of the with Dresden’s City Creation, with the Themes and Threats of the city and locations in it, but it can go farther. A good friend of mine, Morgan Ellis, pushes the envelope

A New Look at Rating Aspects

Back in Fate 2, aspects were rated. That was ditched in Fate 3, to good measure. Making aspects mechanically equal allows them to be situationally divergent. (Which is to say: they’re an example of a good method of Use Anywhere Stats.) But lately, I’ve been feeling like there should be some sense of rating, to