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My PAX 2012 Schedule

Now that I’m back from Gen Con, PAX is upon us! Here’s my (rather short & pleasant schedule): The Art of the Table II: Return to the Table Friday 9pm — Raven Theater Ben Mandall, Jeff Fasenfest, Sage LaTorra, Ryan Macklin, Jess Hartley, Erik Mona, Robert Gifford, Mat Margalis The Art of the Table is

My Gen Con 2012 Schedule

As some of you might know (and more will after reading this), I’m an Industry Insider Guest of Honor this year at Gen Con. As such, I’m on six panels: Beyond Child’s Play – Raising Money for Charity with Gaming Events Thursday 1pm — Westin Council — SEM1238067 Tavis Allison, Ryan Macklin, Elizabeth Shoemaker Sampat

Podcasts, Podcasts, Podcasts…

For someone who has supposedly retired from podcasting, I have been a bit prolific lately. But first, some congratulations: Canon Puncture hit episode 100! Woo! The guys over at CP are pretty awesome, and watching them grow into the show they’ve become over the years has been really neat. I wish them the best of

Finally solved the roleplaying issue in D&D 4/e

So, in Dragon 379, the 4/e team talks about Skill Powers — utility powers you may take if you’re trained in a particular skill, rather than just being wholly class-based. I think the idea is amazing, and I’m all for it, but I didn’t realize what it opened up until recently. I was talking with