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Aethertide: Technocracy and Smartphones

I mentioned this the other day on Twitter, but it’s worth being unpacked its own post. In my Aethertide campaign, Lenny’s NWO Spook gave his cell phone to be used as components for an Etherite’s device. He had been using this cell phone for routine Technocratic procedures, minor bits of Enlightened Science. And then he

Aethertide: The Power of Correspondence

Once a person is properly attuned to space, it’s possible to see or chart anomalies like singularities and point masses. Gravity wells, wormholes and curved geometry are second nature. Remember how your math classes told you that a triangle always adds up to 180 degrees? Take a triangle and lay it on top of a

Enlightened Shock Corps: An Aethertide Scene

The following is a scene from our last game, whipped up into fiction. Some commentary below. Abby watched as the massive inhuman killing machine stared at the teddy bear it (he?) was holding. Moments ago, she had to lead it (yeah, let’s say “it”) out of Will’s room, where she found it holding the teddy.

Aethertide Magick

Now that my group’s played Aethertide for a couple sessions, I’ve had a chance to see what does and doesn’t work with the magick system. Here’s what I’ve come up with (which I happen to think is pretty neat). Spheres & Rankings What you can do with a given sphere is determined by the limits

Aethertide Characters

I wrote about Aethertide’s character notes before, but something rang false with them. The Ars Magica setup didn’t jive with “Dude, we’re playing Mage.” So, I ditched the “have dice in Create, Manipulate, etc.” I also decided to ditch the idea that Mages had a die in every Sphere. Given the fact that in Cortex+,

NPC Touchstones & Two months later…

I started running an Aethertide game over Skype, so this week will be all me talking about that. Today, I’ll talk about a couple GM tricks that I used during it to attempt group cohesion we did during the character creation/world creation/playing out the initial meeting. To recap the premise: Something simultaneously bombs the Technocracy