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My Dungeon World Experience at NBP8

Dungeon World might be my new favorite pick-up game. This post is mostly me geeking about it[1], followed by some thoughts on the system. (I tweeted a bit ago that it’s got the best writing I’ve seen out of indieland since Chronica Feudalis & Fiasco. And I’ve been looking forward to playing it since I

Enlightened Shock Corps: An Aethertide Scene

The following is a scene from our last game, whipped up into fiction. Some commentary below. Abby watched as the massive inhuman killing machine stared at the teddy bear it (he?) was holding. Moments ago, she had to lead it (yeah, let’s say “it”) out of Will’s room, where she found it holding the teddy.

Making Sympathetic Antagonists

The other day I said on Twitter: My method of making antagonists: come up with a hurtful behavior & a target, then backfill the history until the antag becomes sympathetic. It met with some resistance, as people said they find players want one-dimensional villains. But then I said “antagonists” and not “villains.” There is a