Random Kindness Encounter Bundle

Elizabeth Sampat & I are doing something for someone special, and we’re calling in the Random Kindness Encounter Bundle. From Elizabeth:

Kelly ClineHey guys—

I want to tell you about my friend Kelly. She is a hilarious badass, and a modestly successful food photographer. She’s got a pretty great life at a pretty young age— husband imported from Denmark, two cute cats, and she gets to do what she loves. She is generous to a fault, relentlessly cheerful, and a giant nerd who LOVES D&D and Minecraft.

Last month, she wasn’t feeling so great, so she went to the doctor. Tumors everywhere. That’s not a euphemism.

She had the tumors removed and everything biopsied, and bad news came back. I would have been upset; her husband certainly was. How do you think she reacted?

“Today is a GREAT day! First of all, today is officially 1 week of healing under my belt since surgery, which is 1 week closer to being healed up. Biopsy results on colon, bladder, ovaries and tumors came in…. Colon, bladder & ovaries are CLEAR! Tumors are all benign. Now… To heal up and finish the fight with the last enemy left: Cervical Cancer. I will not accept defeat.”

Can you imagine that? Can you imagine getting yourself psyched about JUST having cervical cancer? I was having a bad day, but shit damn did that put it into perspective. Like I said, relentlessly positive.

Except she’s having trouble staying positive lately. Despite a super-high monthly insurance premium, she owes three grand on the tumor removal— and will probably owe another four grand after this round of radiation.

As someone who isn’t medically insured, I live in fear that I’ll suddenly have a high medical bill that cripples me financially. Suddenly having to pay a few thousand dollars to live when life is tight is really hard. I know, because my medical bills this year have been over three grand. So I wanted to help.

Kelly Cline

What You Can Do

A few of us in the independent role-playing community have put together a bundle of RPG PDFs to help raise money for Kelly’s treatment. What’s in this Random Kindness Encounter Bundle?

  • Elizabeth Sampat’s Blowback
  • Vincent Baker’s Murderous Ghosts
  • Emily Care Boss’ Breaking the Ice
  • David Hill & Filamena Young’s Maschine Zeit, along with an adventure for it
  • Joshua A.C. Newman’s Shock: and Human Contact (The only way to get a PDF of Human Contact without buying the physical!)
  • Dungeon World Compendium #1: Finer Things, a special themed-moves compendium by Adam Koebel & Sage La Torra.
  • Josh Roby’s Rooksbridge chapbooks, #1-4, in PDF & epub formats
  • Ben Lehman’s Clover
  • Jason Blair’s Little Fears Nightmare Edition
  • …and, if we get $4000 total, everyone in the world gets Ryan Macklin’s Mythender. Ryan will put the finishing polish on the game’s text (which will take a couple months) and release it for free to the public.

Donating & Getting the Bundle

The bundle is now closed. Thank you, everyone!

The payment will go to Ryan Macklin.

When you donate, you’ll get an email from Elizabeth & I right away with a download link. If you don’t get it within a couple minutes and it’s not in your Spam folder, please let Ryan know! The email you use for PayPal will be the one we email to for this and subsequent emails about the products what will be downloadable soon or Mythender rewards. So let us know after you email if that’s not a good email address for you.

Specific to Mythender

You already get all the great games above! But once we get $4000, these Mythender awards kick in:

  • At $10 (Kind Kobold) – You’ll get Mythender a minimum of a month before the public does.
  • At $25 (Generous Goblin) – As above, and you’ll get a thank you in Mythender, under “Names Forever Etched In Time”. If your name as is in your PayPal isn’t what you want, please let Ryan know!
  • At $50 (Outstanding Owlbear) – As above, and we’ll turn you into a Mythender! You’ll be immortalized on the Mythender website as “Champions of the Warsong”. Ryan will email you about this, once Mythender is out to the donators.
  • At $100 (Terrific Tarrasque) – As above, and you’ll get to come up with one of the Myths — the monsters & gods of a world — in a Mythic World playset. Again, Ryan will email once Mythender is out to the donators.
  • At $250 (Magnanimous Myth) – as above, and I’ll make a whole Mythic World playset in your name! Once Mythender’s out to the donators, Ryan’ll email you with some questions and start work on the playsets.

If we don’t reach $4000 by the end of 2011, then the Mythender project is buried. So if you’re interested in seeing Mythender, tell your friends about this bundle. :)

A Note from Kelly

Thank you all so much!

If there’s any surplus donations over my bills, I would like to make the rest a donation in the gaming community’s name to the American Cancer Society. I do not want to profit from my illness — the thought of it gives me the heeby-jeebies. That would be the most awesome use of any money left over from this experience. Plus it’s a way to pay your kindness forward! :)

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and for your generosity.

Frequented Asked Questions

Hey, I’m having a problem downloading the file!

I’m sorry! Apparently you’re all too awesome, so the traffic load is through the roof. Could you try one of the other ones for now, and try again in a few minutes or an hour? If it still doesn’t work, please let me know!

How long will I be able to download these files?

Your token will last until mid-January, at minimum. So don’t worry! And let me know if you have problems with it.

Does this count as a donation for taxes?

Sadly, I’m not a charitable entity under the law. However, for many designers out there this likely will count as research, so do with it whatever your tax professional says.

What if I’m not a gamer?

Then you’re awesome for just wanting to help Kelly out! :D Feel free to send the automated email with the download link to a gamer in your life. And if you’re not interested in getting follow-up emails for the $25+ donators, please let me know by replying to the email you get, and I’ll take you off that future list.

Hey, I never got a download email!

Ack! Due to the volume and the way some mail servers handle stuff, some folks never got an email. Please give it five minutes after you finish your payment, and check your spam folder

Still no email? Don’t fret! You can send yourself an email by filling out this form. If that doesn’t work, please let me know!

If you’re paying by eCheck, the system won’t email you until PayPal notifies it that the eCheck has cleared. Sorry for the delay, eCheck folks! That’s all PayPal processing.


– Elizabeth Sampat & Ryan Macklin