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Cornucopia of Fate Thoughts

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The Story of a Cape

Some of you know or saw that I wore a majestic purple cape at the 2014 ENnies award show. When I committed to this ridiculous bit of clothing,

Power Attacks in Fate

I’m playing with a new Fate build right now, one that benefits from being brief. In it, there’s something that’s a whammy: an attack that more or less

One Call to Action: My ENnies 2014 Acceptance Speech

You may have heard that Fate won some ENnies this year. When we went up for Best Rules, at the end I grabbed the podium and said some words. I’d like to thank the Fate community for enabling us to be here. And speaking of community, thank you to everyone who takes a stand against bigotry,

My Gen Con 2014 Schedule

As with last year, this’ll be a super-busy Gen Con for me. For the most part, you can find me at the Paizo booth (#203) if I’m not at one of these events or taking a lunch break. Panel: Ask the Paizo GMs Thursday, Aug 14th, 2pm-3pm — ICC 231 John Compton, James Jacobs, Rob McCreary, Ryan Macklin

Request for Advice: Gen Con Packing & Planning

Friends, folks, Internet people, Earlier this week, I asked for your questions regarding prep for Gen Con. Then I announced that I‘ll be doing a Master Plan episode on the subject, notably for event-runners and exhibitors, with guests Adam Jury, Derek Guder, and Jessica Price. Now I ask for your advice! I’m specifically looking for

I Ate Someone’s Character Sheet

Last month at PaizoCon, something came over me. I ate someone’s character sheet. Let me back up. I discovered something inside of myself at PaizoCon that I didn’t