HK-TK: Psychics in Hong Kong

HK-TK is a game about characters struggling in Hong Kong’s psychic underworld. It’s heavily inspired by the 2009 move Push, a bunch of other games that create different behaviors that I enjoy, and a desire to write something in a weekend in order to get it out of my head.

It’s a ten-page PDF that assumes you know how to run RPGs and can pick up sparsely-detailed concepts…which, honestly, most of you reading this can. You’re sharp. I haven’t (at the time of this writing) playtested, had peer-reviewed, or edited it. I just want it out there to see what sort of reactions you people have.


Download link:

Edit: turns out this version totally sucks. But, that’s the point of rapid development and playstorming. And there are some ideas in here worth preserving.

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