Living Dungeon World

Living Dungeon World is a project from some of us who frequent the Strategicon shows in Los Angeles who (a) find the Living Forgotten Realms/RPGA/Pathfinder Society format rather intriguing and (b) love Dungeon World. So we decided to combine the two.

Combining the two means tweaking the game slightly to support episodic play where from one game to the next, you cannot rely on having the same group of players or even the same GM. Your character is persistent, increasing in power as time goes on, with all sorts of different companions and different situations you can find yourself in.

The current version of the document is alpha-0.1, meant for the pre-release edition of Dungeon World. It’s an 8-page half-letter booklet.

We have plans to add & refine this, include support for GMs and LDW organizers, etc.


Credits & Thanks

The LDW team: Hamish Cameron, Morgan Ellis, Colin Jessup, Vernon Lingley, Andrew Linstrom, Ryan Macklin

Living Dungeon World came into its own at the first Big Bad Con, held in Oakland California. A huge thanks to Sean Nittner for putting that on. And thank you to everyone who has played in a Living Dungeon World session over the last year.

And, of course, thanks to Adam & Sage for Dungeon World.