Eternal Frost and Unrelenting Peril

In the frozen hell that is Mythic Norden, a few adventurers quest for a way to free their families, their friends, everyone they have ever known from a supernatural storm that froze them all solid. So they venture forth, hoping beyond hope that they survive the harsh and hateful land long enough to fulfill their mission.

I love Campaign Coins so much that I wrote about them in a blog post. They loved the plot generator concept in my blog post so much they made a special coin set named after me!

But I couldn’t leave well enough alone! Here’s a nice, easy-to-print one pager for this adventure dynamic, entitled Eternal Frost and Unrelenting Peril. It’s themed around mortals in Mythender’s Mythic Norden, which I occasionally play with as “Norden World.” I hope you enjoy!

Download 750K PDF