Free Stuff & Unfinished Projects

Free Stuff I Made

Sometimes I make useful things that others find useful or fun! Since sharing is caring, here you go!

Mythender Roleplaying Game

My award-winning free roleplaying game about slaughtering gods, Mythender, is totally available.

Character Sheet for Unknown Armies

A fillable PDF version of Atlas Games’ Unknown Armies 2/e character sheet, based on the pages from the UA PDF (available at e23). Note: The font on Hardened/Failed weird because the original PDF has some weirdness there.
[Last updated: 11-Oct-2011]


Currently Unfinished Projects

I often write notes about a game that are incomplete, either because I’m still (slowly) working on them, or because I just decided to write a thing spur-of-the-moment. Here are some of those ideas, though this is an inherently incomplete list.

“Norden World”

A hack of Dungeon World set in Mythender’s Mythic Norden

Emerging Threats Unit

Emerging Threats Unit is my take on the action-investigation horror game, inspired by games like Delta Green and GUMSHOE, and television shows like X-Filesand Fringe. It’s a mission-based framework where the Centers for Disease Control run a paranormal, paramilitary unit.Characters are competent, but competence doesn’t mean always able to avoid peril.


I made a little game about psychics in Hong Kong’s underworld, over the course of a weekend. It doesn’t work all that great, but currently I’m playing with the same vibe and storyline but using another system.

And More

At the end of 2013, I made a list of the various games I’ve been toying with over time.