Emerging Threats Unit

There are three lines of defense the United States has against paranormal threats. You’re who they send in when the first line fails. Welcome to the secret paramilitary wing of the Centers for Disease Control — the Emerging Threats Unit.

This will be a standard ETU-CDC operation. The Secret Service has failed to contain the problem. You’ll be going in under the guise of quarantining an outbreak, of course. If you do not report back within 48 hours, we will have no choice but to consider you as sacrificed. FEMA is waiting with a Ripley team to neutralize the local population, and I for one don’t want to see them cause another Katrina because we failed.

Emerging Threats Unit is my take on the action-investigation horror game, inspired by games like Delta Green and GUMSHOE, and television shows like X-Files and Fringe. It’s a mission-based framework where the Centers for Disease Control run a paranormal, paramilitary unit.Characters are competent, but competence doesn’t mean always able to avoid peril.

On occasion, I put out a post about ETU.

I’m hoping to have a playtest of this out in 2014, but the problem with these projects is that while they’re fun to make, they don’t pay the bills that freelancing work does. Thus, there’s incremental progress, but never the couple-month stretch I would need to get focused work done. :) Still, progress marches on.