Comment Policy

You’ve likely run into the Don’t Read the Comments concept — either the meme or at least accidentally reading comments on very popular sites. By and large, that’s true of most places…but not here. I curate my comments section (both on my blog and on my G+ posts). I do that because the people who read my blog, current and back posts, don’t need to see a collection of useless comments that have no temporal context.

Most of the time, people are some — means I don’t delete comments many. But when I do, it’s because:

Let’s be awesome together, not jerks! :D Let’s make as many corners of the Internet as possible happier and smarter places.

A couple notes: First, any comments are that 95% awesome but 5% jerky get killed; being partly awesome isn’t a defense. Second, I occasionally don’t delete comments, if I need to make a point by replying (though that’s pretty rare).

On occasion, I edit comments — for typos or broken tags. I especially do this if you give follow-up comment pointing out your error. After all, no sense in preserving errors like that for years or keeping the scrollbar longer by having a comment that’s just pointing out your own typo.

Additionally, comments close on my posts after three months. That’s mainly a spam preventer, though it has the effect of keeping me looking forward rather than responding to comments from posts months- and years-old.

– Ryan