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Dot Con Fest Panel Tomorrow

Rare weekend post! I’ll be on the Dot Con Fest Gaming Panel tomorrow, Sundary 26th, at noon Pacific Time. Hell, I’ll just quote the site, because it’s short: Gaming Panel (12PM PST) Sunday is all about games.  The day starts out with a good old fashion convention panel run by gaming guru Logan Bonner featuring famous game

Race to Adventure! at Big Bad Con

This Weekend, at Big Bad Con… Are you going to Big Bad Con this weekend, in currently-not-so-sunny Oakland, California? If not, why exactly do you hate adventure? Because if you loved adventure, you would Race to it! Evil Hat Productions’ Race to Adventure, a pulp action-selection game set in the Spirit of the Century universe,

Meet Josh Roby & me at EndGame on Saturday 10/1

Folks, Josh Roby & I will be bumming around EndGame Oakland this Saturday, from around noon until 5. We want to get some people together who’d be interested in playtesting some stuff, or just playing, or just talking about games. It’s a low-key thing rather than an official event; he’s in town and we want

My NeonCon Panels

Hey! NeonCon starts tomorrow! I’ll be there! Loads of my friends will be at NeonCon. I’m looking forward to it. If you’re going, you might have noticed how many panel & seminar tracks there are for CreativeU. I’ll be doing two, but I encourage you to look at the whole damned list. It’s filled with